Suryanirbhar Agritech

a little story about us

The company first made a Solar sprayer understanding the limitations of using battery. Studying the effectiveness of Traditional tools and practices in agriculture that is still seen in Rural India, and acknowledging the pains and harmful effects on using engine driven machines, weedicides and chemicals in the fields, the team began their journey on electrification of traditional agriculture that causes no harm to environment, saves cost for farmers and improves farmers’ standard of living.

The unique products include Quiet machines with Deweeders, Ridgers, Tillers, Sprayers etc. that come as attachment for single machine, low-power yet precise and efficient in performing farm activities, covering more area in lesser time, suitable for different soil conditions. The company would soon launch women-friendly electric handheld tools suitable for plantation machinery.

Suryanirbhar Vision

Our vision is to Develop Technology for Solar-powered Agri-implements and Machinery to make Rural India truly Atmanirbhar.

Suryanirbhar Mission

Our Mission is to Build Simple, Low-power, Handheld Agri-implements to empower women farmers.

Farmer Friendly

Electric Agri implements to Reduce Drudgery & Lower Input costs for small-holder farmers through electrifying Indian Traditional Agriculture!

Why choose Suryanirbhar Agritech?


Suryanirbhar Agritech designs and develops Low power, Handheld Agri implements. The same technology can be used to run post-harvest machinery as well. It offers a unique solution that is affordable, cost-effective, environment-friendly.


There would be Savings for Farmers by around Rs.30,000 in each crop cycle compared to other solutions for post-sowing activities.

Women workforce forming around 80% of total Agricultural workforce in India can use mechanization, so it increases their efficiency.

There is Improved precision in Inter-row farm operations.

Implements are Interoperable and Highly reliable. All our machines use the same battery. The range of products made for field crops would benefit farmers who grow Maize, Cotton, Tur dal, Channa dal, Vegetables, Flowers, Farm Labor Contractors, Self-help groups who make value-added products.

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